The Jet Engine

The jet engine is one of the coolest, most amazing inventions ever designed. It is reliable, converts fuel into huge amounts of thrust, and can be REALLY loud.

It is the jet engine which allows HIGH SPEED, HIGH ALTITUDE flight, getting you to your destination within hours rather than days.

The jet engine take air in the front, burns some fuel,
and sends air and exhaust out the back at high speed. The engine
actually PUSHES this air out the back, resulting in the engine
getting a push forwards.


It sounds simple, but it did not get invented until 1937, by a
bloke called Frank Whittle.


Here’s a video from back when the jet engine had only
just been invented…


Author: Turb Coriolis

A Captain with Junior Flyer for many years, Turb has some dietary issues which can tend to offend those sitting next to him. Other than that, he loves aviation and sharing his knowledge with anyone who will listen.

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