The Tale of Tango

TaleOfTangoCoverA delightful tale about the life, fears and adventures of a small plane, (Tango, of course!).

Everybody is nervous doing something for the first time and Tango is no exception. As shiny new airplane on the showroom floor Tango is hesitant about his new life, unsure what tomorrow will bring.  In a series of adventures with different pilots, each with their own characteristics and lessons to teach, Tango learns that a rich and fulfilling life is not always what we expect — nor does it always go as planned! How does Tango overcome his fears?  You will have to buy the book to find out!

Delightfully illustrated with clear language (including language well known to any aviator), The Tale of Tango would be an ideal reader for a 3-8 year old or an enjoyable book to read to your child or grandchild… a vehicle for sharing your own wonder about life, its ups and downs, and some of what life in the air can bring. Sure to be loved by any budding young aviator!

Available as a book or an eBook direct from the publisher, or retailers such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.



About the author: Paul E. Hohman is a general aviation pilot and mechanical engineer from South Carolina, USA. It is clear that The Tale of Tango has been a labour of love over many years and I hope it is the first of many more books sharing his unique perspective and love of the air.  

Illustrated by: Ivan Earl Aguilar.


The Tale of Tango: 24 pages, perfect bound softcover or eBook

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