Captain Turb Coriolis

Captain Turb Coriolis

Aviation is a big family…

There are thousands of people in the Aviation industry, There are people who actually work for the airlines, but there are also a whole range of people who work in other parts of the industry.

Everyone is important and has a part to play in getting you safely to your destination.

You can learn more about our crew members by clicking on their name…

Captain: Turb Coriolis

First Officer: Bernard Bernoulli

First Officer: Amelia Airstart

Captain: Harry Horse

Flight Attendant: Carrie Bodum

Meteorologist: Hector Pascal

Check Captain: Grimly Parker

Baggage Handler: Chuck Armstrong

Technical Genius: Thursten “Thrust” Master

Media Coordinator: Jenny Spinner

Check-In: Wayne Taggit

Engineer: Melvin Mallet

ATC Radar Controller: Victor Pacman

Travel Agent: Gabby Bookem

Airport Security Officers: Pat Medown & Ray Bann

Airport Security Dogs: Scratch and Sniff

The Count

Aviation Medicine: Dr Don McGloven-Goforitt

Flight Catering: Gordon Blur

Proprietor – SkyRocket Cafe: Ivan Astybuttich

Aviation Historian: Roger Codger

English Teacher and Aviatrix: Gramma Trixie