Kerbal Space Program

Here’s something cool and fun for you budding rocket scientists… a space simulator that lets you build your own rockets and fly them to the moon.  Be warned… even though has some cute critters in it (Kerbals), the rules of physics still apply!  The program is (currently) free for download from

Here’s their video trailer, to give you a taste of the action…

Also, there is an excellent blog post that takes you through an entire mission… here.




Author: Ivan Astybuttich

Ex-cosmonaut Ivan Astybuttich has retired from the Russian space program and now pursues his other love, managing the SkyRocket Cafe. Having been presumed missing in space, this "lost cosmonaut" actually landed near our airport and, seeing the tremendous business opportunity presented, established his cafe. Ivan's SkyRocket Cafe specializes in space-themed food and has a range of space memorabilia and videos on display.

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