John, The Airport Kid

John’s is a simple story, as many in life are, of a youth becoming a man, of a time learning to fly, and of becoming one with machines and the sky.

Ever think that long-loved aircraft might have stories to tell? With enough attention and respect for these creatures of the air, so much more than metal and fabric, perhaps you will hear.

“John, the Airport Kid” combines the love of airplanes, the ethic of a hard day’s work, and the magic of flight in an intelligent, elegant text. The illustrations, too, are superb.

This is a beautiful book, and any budding aviator will be enriched by reading it (or having it read to them).

Words from the authors
It is a magical adventure story told through the eyes of John, a seventeen-year-old boy. The story takes place at a privately owned airport in Maryland. Because of his father’s sudden death, John must take responsibility for himself. Through his work at the airport and his love of aviation, he finds a home, a job, friends, and a family. John achieves his goals and learns important lessons about love and caring along the way.

Inspired in part by John Jopling’s own life, this is a simple story, which is also an introduction to the little-known world of flying and pilots. Told through the experiences of the main character and the activities at the airport, it also magically reveals the feelings of the planes. John, The Airport Kid is educational and entertaining, while establishing positive feelings toward planes, pilots, and airports.

About the Authors
John grew up on a farm, and has been a pilot for 45 years. He started his flying career in much the same way as John in this book, and has flown many different aircraft. He studied at Boston and Havard Universities (U.S. Social History), started a human resources business, and has always maintained a love of flying.

Hazel grew up in New York City, and studied Biology at NYU. She later pursued her interest in art, studying at the Art Students League of New York. She was employed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her art has been exhibited in various galleries in New York, Connecticut and Texas.

Visit the authors, John and Hazel Jopling, at their website,, for information about this book.”John, The Airport Kid” is available from Amazon

John, The Airport Kid
ISBN: 1419669001
Pages: 90
Age Group: teen


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