Claire Bear’s First Solo

This book is for 3-8 year olds, and describes the most important journey any pilot ever makes… their first flight by themselves.

Here’s some comments to the author from someone who read the book…

I asked my 7 year old daughter to read me Claire’s First Solo this morning. It really is a delightful book, and not what I expected from the cover.

Your use of actual pilot words was interesting, both for being new words for my daughter and serving to open up discussion about real aviation topics. Both of my kids found the “Master” an interesting word which we talked about at length. I have actually been trying to get everyone in my family to call me Master (I always enjoyed that aspect of the “I Dream of Jeannie” shows), but with limited sucess. The fact that a switch gets this name amused them no end.

The “three Charlie Bravo” bit was also a nice lead in to your second book. They haven’t looked at that one yet, but we did have a chat about the phonetic alphabet prompted by “3CB”, so the phonetics book is now in context.

You have captured beautifully, I think, the aviation Solo experience in a way which promotes discussion with the kids, and the artwork is beautiful. Well done, a delightful surprise. Too many books for kids seem to disappoint with regard to containing actual real-world material (being “cuted-up” beyond recognition). Yours did not… the blend of kid-friendly style and actual things of interest to an aviator was stylish and refreshing. I think it is a book we can re-read a few times, delving into deeper discussions about the various unfamiliar words.

You can get this book direct from the author, Sue Hughes, from her website, Powder Puff Pilot.

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Review by Pebble (age 7)

Story :- Firs Solo
Pitchers :- very good
Achil Story :- perfeckt for me
Charickters :- very frendily
Prezentit :- prity good
Grad :- A+


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