1928: Charles Kingsford Smith

Charles Kingsford Smith

Charles Kingsford Smith was the first to fly an aeroplane across the
Pacific Ocean, along with crew members Charles Ulm, James Warner and
Harry Lyon.

His plane was named “Southern Cross”.

His flight, from America to Australia was in three stages… stopping
in Hawaii and Fiji on the way, finally landing in Brisbane, Australia.
This was a total distance of 7400 miles, taking 83 hours (almost 3 and a half days).

Kingsford Smith instantly became famous after this amazing

Charles Kingsford Smith

  • 1928: First Trans-Pacific
    (California to Hawaii to Fiji to Brisbane, Australia)

    (10 days)
  • 1930: England to Australia air race
    (Solo, winner)

    14 hours 56 minutes (first solo woman)
  • 1933: Australia to New Zealand
    (first commercial service)
  • 1935: England to Australia
    record attempt


Smithy’s plane, a Fokker F.VII monoplane
he named “Southern Cross”, departing from Oakland California in 1928


Kingsford Smith (Monash Uni)
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YouTube (by Bomberguy)


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