The Science of Supersonic Freefall

As a follow-up to our article on Joe Kittinger: Supersonic Parachutist, holder of the parachuting altitude record for over 50 years, we present this video explaining some of the problems encountered by people attempting to break this record.  Felix Baumgartner, who plans on making the attempt, is being assisted by Joe Kittinger (who also appears in this clip).

YouTube Preview Image

Author: Thursten Master

Thursten, or "Thrust" as he prefers to be called, is our resident technical genius. This is not a term used lightly... he really does have a brain the size of a planet and he solves a myriad of tricky problems for us. Thrust is particularly interested in the science of flight and, unlike many large-brain academics, is very good at explaining science in terms that normal people can understand.

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