Navigation Simulator

Here is a very cool navigation simulator, provided by
Luiz at,
that shows how the dials and needles on the navigation instruments
move as an aircraft flies around…
essential knowledge for navigating at night or in cloud.

This simulator uses the Flash plugin… if the simulator is not displayed below
try reloading the page.

Luiz has also prepared a couple of short instructional videos
that explain how to use the simulator:
Overview Video A (16MB)   
Overview Video B (11MB)

(* the videos require the Quicktime plugin… if you don’t already have this it is available from here)

Click the dot in the TOP RIGHT of the sim to see the keys that control the plane…


Author: Grimly Parker

Grimly is a Check Captain, which means he is involved in training pilots and checking to see if they are good enough to pass their many tests and check flights. He is a misunderstood person who, despite his gruff exterior, genuinely wants to help our pilots be the best they can be. Sadly, most of our pilots liken him to the Grim Reaper, and would prefer not to fly with him.

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