Junior Pilot Adventures

Gramma Trixie’s Review

This is a beautiful book. Not too long and yet what I really liked about it was that you felt you had been somewhere and seen something.

Aviation is about experiences and the two young pilots, Tshepo and Jonathon, have plenty. Their experience are just part-and-parcel of flying life, and that is really the essence of this book. It is a taste of a day in the flying life, with all its ups and downs.

Junior Pilot Adventures is obviously written by a pilot who wants to share the things that she loves about flying with the young-uns. Thanks Paige, it is terrific. The illustrations are also excellent, showing some highlights of South Africa (a very scenic place).

For young kids with flying in their veins I recommend this book. You can even get pilots uniforms to go with it, from the author. How darling!


Recommended Age Group: 6-10, or younger with reading help. 24 pages.


Visit the author, Paige Davies, at her website, www.aviationlife.co.za, where you can purchase the book, or a complete junior pilot kit, including the book AND a pilot’s uniform. Very cool.

If you just want the book, Junior Pilot Adventures is also available from Trafford Publishing and Amazon.

Words from the author
Children are fascinated by the world of flight and even more so by the prospect of flying a plane themselves and having all sorts of adventures. Junior Pilot Adventures is a story about two little pilots from South Africa who fly off on an exciting journey to fetch their friends from another city. Along the way they experience a number of situations which test their flying skills. The story aims to educate little readers about some aspects of aviation with a safety theme throughout. The perfect little story for early readers which Mum and Dad can read out loud too.

About the Author
Paige Davies was born in Zimbabwe in 1963. Her interest in aviation began when she married a pilot in 1992. A nine-year stint of working for a major airline further added to her avid interest in aviation. In 2004, Paige wrote Junior Pilot Adventures. Aviation in South Africa is undergoing many changes with more and more young South Africans from all race groups entering the industry. Paige has developed a special interest in educating young people about the wonders of aviation and a children’s story book was one way to achieve this goal.


Author: Gramma Trixie

Gramma Trixie was, in her day, a pilot who made many courageous flights in a biplane. She was also a school teacher and today shares her love of language and aviation by telling us about some wonderful new books. Check out her Books section for her book reviews.

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