How Fast is a Jet Plane?

A passenger jet plane travels though the air at approximately 900 kilometres per hour (about 550 miles per hour, or 490 knots).

This varies a little bit depending on the type of aircraft, but they are all around about this speed. The pilots might choose to fly a little faster if the flight is running late, but this burns extra fuel and will only reduce your flight time by a few minutes.

This high speed can only be achieved at high altitude where the air is thin… the speed for takeoff, climb, and the descent and landing is slower. The maximum speed is only achieved once we get to cruise altitude.


Author: Turb Coriolis

A Captain with Junior Flyer for many years, Turb has some dietary issues which can tend to offend those sitting next to him. Other than that, he loves aviation and sharing his knowledge with anyone who will listen.

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