Flying Without Fear – 101 Questions Answered

Gramma Trixie’s Review

Some people just do not like getting on a plane, and may do anything to avoid it. All well and good, but eventually many people get sick and tired of fear controlling their lives.

My old flying instructor told me that there is no such thing as a stupid question… only a stupid answer. Some of the questions in this book might seem strange, but then everybody has their own fears.

Richard and Paul answer all of these questions with respect and in no-nonsense, clear and easy to read style. They don’t avoid the hard questions either.

They also have “top tips from aviation experts” section that gives a detailed description of many aspects of the airline business that sometimes concern, written by aviation insiders who know what they are talking about.

“Flying Without Fear – 101 Questions Answered” is a great book for anyone with an aversion to flying, written by a couple of guys who are passionate about helping people overcome their fears. There’s no need to be “grounded” anymore!


Some Words from Junior Flyer’s

Doctor Don McGloven-Goforrit

Here at Junior Flyer we present some info that might be of interest to people who are a little nervous about flying, such as my aviation medicine Fear of Flying sequence, but at the end of the day you are better getting advice and help from real people who really know their stuff.

Paul and Steve, the authors of this book, are two such people who have many years experience presenting this information in ways it can be understood and used by real human-beans.

I heartily recommend this book… it may be just the medicine you need to slay the “dragon” you have created out of thin air!

Words from the authors
We are here to help you beat your fear. We have been running fear of flying courses since November 1997 and in that time have changed thousands of people’s lives.

We have combined information and help in an easy to digest, light hearted style that will give you help today with your fear. We have pooled some of the questions that we get asked on our courses and our message board and these have been answered by experts in a light hearted and honest way – in normal language.

About the Authors
Paul Tizzard and Richard Conway created and have been running Virgin Atlantic’s “Flying Without Fear” course in the UK since 1997, with the support and encouragement of Sir Richard Branson. They, and their team, run monthly courses to help people with their flying fears, and periodically run courses just for kids.

Visit the authors, Richard Conway & Paul Tizzard, at their website,, for information about these courses and to purchase this book.

“Flying Without Fear – 101 Questions Answered” is also available from other places, such as Amazon.

Flying Without Fear – 101 Fear of Flying Questions Answered
ISBN: 978-0-9558145-0-1
Pages: 150
Age Group: teen/adult


Author: Gramma Trixie

Gramma Trixie was, in her day, a pilot who made many courageous flights in a biplane. She was also a school teacher and today shares her love of language and aviation by telling us about some wonderful new books. Check out her Books section for her book reviews.

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