China Clipper

Book 2 in the Nick Grant adventure series
following on from Flying Boats and Spies

Gramma Trixie’s Review

Another terrific read from author Jamie Dodson. Nick continues to get in all manner of strife, protecting the flying boats from destruction and becoming a junior Flight Engineer. Ok, Flight Engineer is not a job with a great future these days, but back then the FE had an important role: do the dirty work so the pilots could remain glamourous! Gotta start somewhere, and the Flight Engineer was a vital part of the flight team.

Heaps of action and suspense… I can’t wait for Book 3!

From the back cover…

In September, 1935, Nick returned to Alameda High School after five months in the Pacific. He’d worked for Pan American Airways building island bases for the first transoceanic airline service. Life aboard the supply ship was a lot more interesting than high school Learning to fly the big flying boats, and fighting Japanese spies was thrilling.

His experiences forever changed the teen and he no longer fit in. Nick’s only respite was a part-time job he’d won at the Alameda clipper base. Then a series of strange ‘accidents’ cast suspicion on him and his Japanese-American mentor. Nick suspected his old nemesis, Japanese Master Spy Miyazaki, had returned.

Nick’s frustrated Miyazaki’s earlier attempts to destroy the clippers, but he’d been lucky. If Miyazaki had returned, Nick would need help – but from whom? The FBI didn’t believe him, and most of his co-workers thought he was imagining things. And those two new kids at school, Roger and Nancy Tanaka, whose side were they on?

Join Nick as he confronts his classmates, a Japanese Secret Society, and the FBI while trying to protect the China Clippers. New friends, old enemies, and further adventures await Nick.

Visit the author, Jamie Dodson, at his website,, for loads of great background info on the golden age of flying boats, and his first book in the series “Flying Boats and Spies”.

Jamie’s books are also available from Seawings and Flying Clippers, two fabulous websites filled with info about flying boats.


Author: Gramma Trixie

Gramma Trixie was, in her day, a pilot who made many courageous flights in a biplane. She was also a school teacher and today shares her love of language and aviation by telling us about some wonderful new books. Check out her Books section for her book reviews.

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