Can You Run an Airport?

At the recent Oshkosh airshow an innovative aviation company launched a great way to promote discussion about their products… through a game. “Terminal Command” allows you, as an aspiring  airport manager, to demonstrate your skill handling the day-to-day operations at a busy airport.  You’ll start with a small regional airport and, if your skill level is high enough, graduate to running the busy domestic and international terminals too.

The game, which can be played online at the GE Aviation website, is simple to learn.  When an aircraft is parked at the terminal you’ll see a symbol that tells you which airport service is required, such as unloading passengers, providing fuel or catering, etcetera — tasks that you must accomplish quickly to get the plane away on time.  Keep the passengers waiting too long and they’ll get cranky, and you will not get promoted.

Give it a go… there is some advertising afterwards for GE’s products but, as the game is free to play, I suppose that is OK.  Well done to them for an innovative marketing strategy!

Hint: When you get promoted to run the domestic and international terminals you still have to handle the other terminals too!


Author: Turb Coriolis

A Captain with Junior Flyer for many years, Turb has some dietary issues which can tend to offend those sitting next to him. Other than that, he loves aviation and sharing his knowledge with anyone who will listen.

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