1943: Antoine de Saint Exupery

Aviator and Writer

Antoine was a French aviator and author. He wrote a number of wonderful books, the most well known of which is “The Little Prince.” His writings were often poetic, and are still regarded as some of the best aviation writing ever.


Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  • 1921: Pilot training
    (French army, then airforce)
  • 1926-: Postal service pilot
    and base manager in Africa
  • 1929: First book published,
    moved to Argentina
  • 1931: “Night Flight” published
  • 1935: Crashed in Sahara
    (attempting Paris-Saigon record)
  • 1938: Crashed, Guatemala
    New York-Tierra del Fuego attempt
  • 1939: “Wind, Sand and Stars”
  • 1942: “Flight to Arras” published
  • 1943: “The Little Prince” publ.
  • 1943: Joined Free French Forces
  • 1944: P38 mission incomplete

The Little Prince


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The Little Prince (Wikipedia)
Saint Exupery official (French)
Saint Exupery (mansolas)
Caudron aircraft (Century of Flight)


Author: Roger Codger

Roger has plenty of stories to tell about the aviators of years gone by, and the golden age of aviation when anything was possible. We love hearing him talk about the heroes of the past, some famous and others not so -- courageous pioneers who made aviation what it is today.

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